5 Ways to Give Your Old Clothes a Fresh New Look This Fall

Do you have a closet full of clothes but feel as if there's nothing to wear? It’s happened to the best of us - being in a styling rut. Before you run out and buy a whole new wardrobe, here are 5 simple ways to give your old clothes a fresh new look this fall. No sewing is required and inspired by scrolling through Pinterest outfits. 

Get Inspired by Scrolling Through Pinterest Outfits.

Before getting into specific tips on how to give fresh looks to your old clothes, let’s talk about where to go for inspiration when you’re in a styling rut. I’ve been a fan of Pinterest for many years, using the platform to get inspiration for so many areas of my life, including craft ideas, home decor, DIY projects, recipes, healthy living tips, and more. Scrolling through Pinterest outfits to gain inspiration on new ways to wear old clothes seemed like the natural answer to get out of my styling rut. 

How to Search Pinterest Outfits.

Take an item from your closet, type the description into the Pinterest search bar, and add “outfit” to the keyword search. For example, entering “White blouse outfits” into the Pinterest search bar will produce an endless scroll of styling ideas, pairing a basic white blouse into outfits for every occasion and showing multiple ways to wear the actual item itself. Think of it as your personal search engine for fashion! You can refine the search by adding keywords such as “casual” or “dressy” to your search description, too. The most helpful advice I can offer when using Pinterest outfits to get style inspiration is to go into it with an open mind, and a good mental index of what’s in your closet. You’re not necessarily trying to use Pinterest outfits to create exact replicas, but more as a jumping-off point for ideas on:

  • New outfit pairing possibilities with items already in your closet
  • Mixing colors that you’ve never thought to pair together before
  • Different ways to wear a piece 

Here’s an Instagram reel on 5 ways to wear a white blouse, many inspired by Pinterest outfits. 

Renewing Old Jeans. 

One thing I have come to love again in recent years is denim. Specifically, I have way too many Judy Blue jeans in my collection. It’s an obsession! The comfort is insane, offering great stretch that I never knew existed in jeans. If you like distressed jeans, a fun way to give your old denim a brand new look is by wearing leggings or pattern stockings underneath. The design of the leggings or stockings will play peek-a-boo through the holes of the denim for a cool new look! 

Combining Casual and Dressy Pieces to Create Brand New Looks. 

A hot trend in 2021 that you will find all over Pinterest outfits and among your favorite Instagram influencers, is pairing casual and dressy pieces into outfits that can keep up with busy women. Examples of this “casual meets dressy” look include pairing white sneakers with dresses, blazer jackets with denim shorts, knotted graphic tees with skirts. 

Accessorize Your Outfits for a New Look.  

Accessorizing with jewelry and purses can completely change the look of your outfits. The best part is that you can wear them multiple days in a row and it’s totally acceptable. I also love purses that allow for the strap to be switched out. Guitar straps with lovely designs are trending these days, and it’s more affordable to spend $16 on a statement purse strap that can be added to your old purse than buy a new bag altogether. 

Tie-Dye Your Basic Tees for a New Look.

I’m not talking about the hippy, rainbow tie-dye tees that you wore as an 11-year-old. Tie-dye can be sophisticated, too! Shibori tie-dye is a Japanese dyeing technique that uses a single color, which produces patterns on fabric. It’s a more intentional approach to tie-dying that will elevate your basic white tee into something worthy of Pinterest outfits. There’s also ombre tie-dying, another favorite technique that offers a more sophisticated look.

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